What is it?  A state-wide computer system that keeps track of immunizations given to people of all ages.  All health care providers who provide immunizations to children must record them in MCIR.

How does the MCIR work?  Each provider who sees a child can check MCIR to learn if immunizations are needed and if so, specifically which ones.  The system records the type and date of each immunization.  With information from you, any provider in Michigan can check your child's record.  If your child receives an immunization elsewhere in the state, it will be in the record when your regular provider checks it.

Why is the MCIR needed?  MCIR helps your provider keep track of when immunizations are due.  Some diseases can harm - or kill - children not protected by immunizations.  Immunizations protect fully only when given at the proper time.   Protection against some diseases may take several immunizations. 

Find out more at: http://www.mcir.org

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