LOW-RISK temporary food service events can be licensed at a reduced fee through an office consultation in lieu of a mandatory on-site inspection at the discretion of the Marquette County Health Department.

To qualify for this type of licensing, the event menu must be restricted to foods that meet the definition of low-risk foods as defined in Michigan Food Law (Act 92, PA 2000, as amended).

To successfully complete the office interview in lieu of inspection, the Person In Charge (PIC) of the food service event must be present at the MCHD office for the office interview.

Interview with the PIC of the event is REQUIRED by State Law.  If the PIC is not present during the application process, a mandatory on-site inspection of the temporary food service operation must be performed prior to issuing the license.

Low-risk foods include:  

1) Raw or prepackaged food that is not potentially hazardous (i.e. not subject to time and/or temperature control for safety)
2) Potentially hazardous food that is prepared in a licensed facility and is not prepared on-site.
3) Commercially processed potentially hazardous food that is fully cooked and heated only for hot holding

The Marquette County Health Department reserves the right to require an on-site food service inspection for any type of temporary food service operation prior to licensing and during operation as allowable under Michigan Food Law.