Planning to purchase or build a food service establishment?  There are a few things you must do in advance. 

A food service establishment requiring plan review and/or licensing by MCHD can include a range of businesses including, but not limited to, a coffee shop, a bar or brew pub that does not sell food, a school or hospital cafeteria or a standard restaurant.

Constructing New or Remodeling an Existing Establishment

State of Michigan Food Law requires all newly constructed or remodeled food service establishments in Marquette County complete a plan review and receive approval to construct from the Marquette County Health Department (MCHD) Environmental Health (EH) Division. 

This plan review and approval must occur prior to the commencement of construction of any portion of the building.

If your proposed facility will be served by an on-site water supply well and/or sewage treatment system, you must pursue Type II water supply permitting and commercial septic system permit prior to beginning your plan review.  It will not be possible to approve your project without adequate safe drinking water and an adequate wastewater disposal system being approved first!

Plan Review Application materials and information to begin the plan review process can be found HERE.

Once construction is complete, a pre-opening inspection will be performed by MCHD to determine compliance with the approved plan and Michigan Food Law.  After successfully completing the pre-opening inspection, you will be required to submit an application for a food service license.  The application for a license can be found HERE.

Note: Permits for construction will also be required through the Marquette County Construction Codes Division (906) 225-8180.

Opening an Existing Establishment Without Major Changes

If you will be opening a business that had previously been licensed as a food service establishment and you will not be making any major changes to the menu or operation, you will need to schedule with the MCHD, EH Division to have a "walk through" inspection.  You will also need to submit a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and a proposed menu.  If approved to move forward without additional plan review, you will need to apply for a license.  The application for a license can be found HERE.


For more information regarding SOP's click HERE.

If you need assistance or further guidance regarding these topics, please call (906) 475-4195.