The following links provide guidance to COVID-19 response and control for medical professionals and staff in the medical related field:

Medical Practice Management Guide COVID-19 

Ventilator Prioritization Guidance - MDHHS

PPE Burn Rate Calculator

Governor's Executive Order Regarding COVID-19 Sampling and Reporting 

COVID-19 Guidance for Collection and Testing - COVID-19 Specimens 

Packaging and Shipping COVID-19 Samples/Specimens

Recommended SWABS for Sampling - COVID-19

Testing - Sampling Materials (Diagnostics) Guide for Provider COVID-19

Case Definition and Reporting

Guidance For Self Monitoring and Work Restrictions for Healthcare Workers

Treatment Guidance COVID-19 and Covered Services

MDHHS Laboratory Request Form
Emotional Support for Health Care Workers - COVID-19

Symptomatic Health Care Workers - Guidance
Exposure - High Risk Health Care Workers - Guidance 

Guidance - Release from COVID-19 Positive Self Isolation - CDC  3-19-20

Mask Use and PPE Guidance COVID-19

COVID-19 Guidance to Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

COVID-19 Dental Guidance

COVID-19 Pharmacy Guidance

Emotional Support for Behavioral Health Workers - COVID-19

Preparing your practice for COVID-19 - Poster

Disinfecting Facilities Post-Positive COVID-19 Exposure -Guidance

Basic COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies - Healthcare Setting

MDHHS Medical Staff Webinar 3-05-2020

COVID-19 Response Resources for Healthcare Facilities

COVID-19 Resources for Health Professionals

Isolation and Quarantine Quick Reference