Comprised of approximately 9,300 acres the forest is located in Sands and Forsyth Townships near Sawyer.
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The County Forest is managed for multi-use. Varieties of “prescriptions” have been developed that govern the manner in which individual tracts of land are used ranging from intensive forestry efforts to areas that are preserved for fish and wildlife habitat. The primary “outputs” of multi-use become growing and harvesting of timber, wildlife, and recreation.

Successful management of the County Forest provides many benefits to residents and visitors of Marquette County. Many hours of enjoyment are derived from recreational pursuits on these lands and at other facilities these lands support. Additionally, the economy of the County benefits from the jobs created by the forest industry and spin off employment that results.                                                     

Marquette County Forestry Commission

The Marquette County Forestry Commission manages forest resources on County owned lands. Their primary guidance to accomplish this task is the Forest Management Plan.

Mike Touchinski, Chairperson

Karen Alholm
Charles Bergdahl

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Room 215 of the Henry A. Skewis Annex, 234 W. Baraga Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855 unless otherwise posted. The January meeting is held the second Wednesday of the month.

2020 Meeting Schedule

 January 8, 2020  August 5, 2020 **CANCELLED**
 February 5, 2020  September 2, 2020 **CANCELLED**
 March 4, 2020    **CANCELLED**  October 7, 2020
**Public to attend via Virtual "ZOOM" Meeting; Commission to meet in Room 231 of the Henry A. Skewis Annex, 234 W. Baraga Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855**
 April 1, 2020 *Virtual "ZOOM" Meeting*  November 4, 2020
 May 6, 2020       **CANCELLED**  December 2, 2020
 June 3, 2020 *Virtual "ZOOM" Meeting*  January 13, 2021
 July 1, 2020  

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Questions about the Marquette County Forest? Contact Thyra Karlstrom, Planning Manager by email or phone at 906.225.8192