Marquette County Prosecutor's Office
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Marquette, Michigan  49855
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The Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney's Office gives legal advice to the Concealed Weapons Board. The CCW law has recently been changed in Michigan to require the issuance of concealed weapons permits to any citizen who has met certain criteria.

The requirements, simply summarized are:

We are providing the following Concealed Weapons Permit Information, but keep in mind, this information is not comprehensive and is only given to aid the general public in understanding the new law. Holders of permits are cautioned that they have the burden of knowing their rights and responsibilities under the act.

Requirements of the Application for Concealed Weapons Permit

The Concealed Weapons Board may also restore firearms rights to convicted felons under the Firearms Rights Restoration

Holders or CCW permits are required to remain sober when carrying a concealed weapon as required by statute on the Use of Alcohol and Controlled Substances while Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

Certain areas are gun free zones under the statute

Schools - Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zones

When stopped by a police officer, CCW holders must follow a defined procedure to let the officer know they are carrying a concealed weapon as required in the Disclosure of Concealed Weapons to Police Officer.

For additional information, you might want to visit the Michigan State Police website.