Bond may be posted at the District Court during business hours with cash, credit card, or money order.

If you are unable to post bond in person, you may contact the court at 906-225-8235 to see whether or not you may post bond via govpay. Please note that this is a third party service and they will charge an additional fee.

Any money being deposited with the Court as bail will be held to guarantee the defendant's appearance in Court for all proceedings until the conclusion of his/her case. Bond must be posted in cash or credit card, checks are not accepted. If you are posting bond for someone else, you will be asked to decide if the defendant has your permission to use the bond money towards any fines and costs imposed if convicted. If you choose to allow the use of the bond money, it will automatically be applied to the penalty imposed after sentencing. If you post bond money for yourself, it will automatically be applied to your fines and costs after sentencing. If bond money is to be returned to you at the completion of a case (which is after sentencing or upon acquittal after trial), you must appear at the District Court Clerk's Office in the proper Court location with your copy of the bond receipt and photo identification to receive the bond refund. If you post a 10% bond, the Court will keep 10% of the deposited amount of the bond pursuant to Court Rule (i.e., if you post 10% of $500, $450 in bond money will be actually returned to you or applied to fines and costs).

By posting bond money for someone else you are guaranteeing their appearance in Court at all proceedings. If the defendant fails to appear for arraignment, pretrial, trial, or any other compelled Court appearance, the bond money you posted will be forfeited to the Court after proper notice. If you wish to revoke bond before a case is completed, you must petition the Court for an order revoking bond. If the order is granted, the bond money will be returned to you after the defendant is returned to custody.