A small claims action may be filed when the amount in controversy is $6,000 or less. Parties must represent themselves in small claims court. Attorneys are not allowed unless they are a party to the suit. Businesses may be represented by a full-time employee with knowledge of the claim. Small Claims forms are available at both Court locations and filings are limited to five new claims per party per week. Filing fees vary depending upon the amount in controversy.    

Filing Fees
Up to $600 $30 plus service fee
$601 - $1750 $50 plus service fee
$1,751 - $6,000 $70

Service may be made by certified mail. There is an additional fee for the cost of the certified mailing to be paid along with the filing fee. The claim may be served by the Sheriff or a process server who will bill you directly.

If you have been awarded a judgment in small claims court, once the judgment has been paid by the opposing party, you must advise the Court in writing that the claim has been paid in full. For more information see How do I File a Small Claims Action on our page of FAQs?

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