You may pay traffic tickets in full online using the following link 

District Court Online Payments

The online payment system cannot be used for partial payments on traffic violations.

1-5 mph over speed limit $115 2 points
6-10 mph over speed limit $125 2 points

11-15 mph over speed limit


3 points

16-20 mph over speed limit $145 4 points
21 and over contact court  
General Civil Infraction w/out Accident: $125
Stop Sign Violation $125 3 points
Traffic Signal Violation $125 3 points
Disobey Traffic Control Device $125 2 points
Wrong Way/One Way Street $125 2 points
Improper Overtaking $125 3 points
Improper Turn $125 2 points
Left of Center $125 2 points
Fail to Yield $125 2 points
Careless driving w/out accident $175 3 points


General Civil Infraction w/Resulting Accident $135
Violation of Basic Speed Law w/accident $135 2 points
Fail to Yield w/accident $135 2 points
Stop Sign Violation w/accident $135 3 points
 Careless driving with accident $250 3 points 
Other Common Citations    
Seat Belt Violation $65 0 points
Child Restraint Violation $80 0 points
No Proof of Insurance
*fine reduced to $25 State Insurance fee if valid proof shown to the Court within 10 days
$160* 0 points


Defective Equipment
**all fines waived if proof of repair shown to the Court within 10 days
$100** 0 points
No Operator's License on Person
***all fines waived if valid license shown to the Court within 10 days

0 points

Expired Operator's License 30 days or less $170 2 points
Expired Operator's License 31 days or more $195 2 points
Expired Registration Plate 30 days or less $100  0 points
Expired Registration Plate 31 days or more $125  0 points
School bus violation $200 3 points
School bus violation w/resulting accident $275 3 points

Please contact the court if:

  • the violation you have been cited for does not appear on this schedule
  • you wish to request a hearing
  • you have questions regarding the violation of which you were cited
  • the violation you were cited for involved the use of alcohol

Contact the court at the location listed on the bottom portion of your citation.  The address and telephone numbers of the court are as follows:

Ishpeming Office:
Hours:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (closed for lunch, noon-1 p.m.)
96th District Court
215 W. Hematite Drive
Ishpeming, MI 49849
(906) 485-5579

Marquette Office:
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
96th District Court
234 W. Baraga
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 225-8235

  • No out-of-town checks accepted.  Please remit by money order, pay online or call the court for credit card payment if you do not have a local checking account. 
  • Refund Policy:  Our policy is not to issue refunds for these types of payment.  However, if you have a question concerning your payment and/or wish to inquire about a potential refund, please call (906) 225-8235. 
  • Privacy Policy:  Your payment information will be kept confidential, and will not be shared or used for any other purpose other than the purpose of the payment transaction. 
  • Payment must be made within ten (10) days.
  • We now accept credit card payments.  If you wish to pay with a credit card please call the court that is assigned to your case.   

Marquette Court: (906) 225-8235, Ishpeming Court (906) 485-5579

Or you may pay in full online at

The online payment system cannot be used for parital payments