If you have been selected to serve as a juror for the 96th District Court please call the District Court office at 225-8233 between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. the day before the first scheduled trial to confirm the trial.  If you are calling from a rotary phone, please call 225-8235.  Should this trial settle, you will be given the date for the next scheduled trial.  In the event the trial is held, you will be required to report by 8:15 a.m., unless otherwise stated..

The Marquette District Court is located at 234 W. Baraga Ave., Courthouse Annex, on the second floor- Rm. 215. 

Requests to be excused must be made in writing and sent to the District Judge at 234 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette, MI