In March of 1979, the Marquette County Juvenile Court Foster Care Program was instituted by the Honorable Michael J. Anderegg in an effort to establish foster care as an alternative to the residential placement of delinquent youth.  A full-time foster care coordinator was hired to license, train, and support foster parents.  The Marquette County Foster Care Program provides out-of-home care for youth who have come under the jurisdiction of the court.  The rationale of the program is that it is more humane and cost effective to place youth in community-based foster homes than in residential treatment.

One of the primary goals of the Marquette County Foster Care Program is to provide training and services to foster parents.  These services range from specific training in how to deal with problem youth to moral support for the foster parents.


 Foster family care is one of society’s responses to the needs of children who are unable to live with their own parents.  Foster care provides temporary care for children in a family setting other than the child’s legal family.

 You may find it necessary to adjust your own lifestyle in order to help the youth.  These adolescents may have various problems and demands that require understanding from an adult with a sympathetic personality.  You and your home could provide the environment needed for healthy adjustment and growth for the foster child.

 Youth have special needs.  Studies have shown that the warmth of a loving family, even though the parents may lack experience with youth, is better than an institution.  Right now we are in a crisis situation – many youth need homes.  They need the structure, love, and understanding your family can provide.  These adolescents are not as difficult to work with as many people believe.  They lack the guidance which can be found in a home.  Many teenagers are ready for that guidance and the security foster parents can give them.


 Foster parents are people who have a love and understanding for children – theirs and others.  They have security in their family, dedication to helping others and a stable home environment to offer a foster child.

 We need foster homes for all races and nationalities.  YOU can be a foster family even if:

 •           You live in an apartment
•           You are single
•           You are not rich
•           You do not have children

The youth that the court is involved with range from 0-19 years of age.  There is a need for homes of all ages, especially teenagers (13-17).  As foster parents, you can specify which age and gender range would be most suitable for you.




 Yes, the foster parents receive reimbursement from the court for each child living in their home.  The daily rate of payment is increased for children with multiple problems or more severe behavioral difficulties.  Clothing, personal allowances, and medical expenses are also provided.


 If you are interested in being a foster parent, please contact:

 Marquette County Juvenile Court
(906) 225-8300