Filing for Service Connected Disability

Marquette County Veterans Affairs can help veterans file for service connected disabilities. Service Connected Disability can be awarded to veterans for a number of issues.

There are four main types of service connection:

  • Direct - Whether an injury was incurred in combat, on active duty, or in training.
  • Secondary - When a Service connected disability causes other issues.
  • Aggravations - When military service exacerbates an issue that existed prior to service.
  • Presumptive issues - Many veterans have health issues related to service and don’t even know they are connected to their service. For example, Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War Era can lead to diabetes, cancer, and skin disorders, as well as many other problems.
Checklist of what you need when filing for benefits:

Documents Needed

  DD214 – original or certified copy
  Private medical records
  Marriage License/Dependent information (birth certs, etc)