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Peer Counselors provide breastfeeding education before babies are born and are available to answer any feeding questions that moms may have before and after birth.  Your Peer Counselor is also able to meet with you at the hospital, in your home, or in the WIC Clinic if you should need "hands on" help with breastfeeding.  The Peer Counselors in your Marquette County WIC Office have received additional training and certification as Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC). 

WIC strives to increase the health and welfare of families in our community by supporting mothers while pregnant and breastfeeding.  Peer Counseling services are free to WIC Clients and include:

  • If requested, regular contact with moms, before and after baby is born.
  • An informative infant feeding class with an emphasis on breastfeeding.
  • Answers to your questions about breastfeeding.
  • Support for moms having breastfeeding difficulties, including evenings and weekends.
  • A Breastfeeding Moms' Group to connect you with other moms in the area.
  • Guidance and support for moms returning to work or school, including a Breast Pump Program.


WIC Peer Counselors are available

Monday through Friday 

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Call us at:


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You can breast feed.  We can help.

WIC is an equal opportunity program.