Bed Bugs have re-emerged and are currently common throughout North America and Europe.  Bed Bug infestations do occur in Marquette County.  As such, residents and property owners need to be informed regarding Bed Bug control to avoid inadvertent spread of this problem.


Bed Bugs are not know to cause or spread disease and are NOT considered a Public Health threat.  However, Bed Bugs are considered a Public Health nuisance and should be controlled to improve the living conditions of those effected.

Typical control measures such as the use of "bug bombs" and the spread of commonly used insecticides are ineffective against Bed Bugs and may create more significant health hazards within a home.

The most effective way to control bed bugs is by employing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. Successful control of bed bugs will require the cooperative effort of landlords, tenants and guests.  Neither party can solve this problem independently.


For more information regarding bed bug control including step by step guidance in control procedures click HERE.