Body Art Licensing and Inspection

Public Act 375, of 2010, requires all tattooing, branding, and body piercing occur in a body art facility licensed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) through your local Health Department. 


License Application

To receive a Body Art license you must submit an application to MDHHS.  The application process, requirements and Body Art program materials can be found on the MDHHS website.  Click here  for more information.  Note:  You cannot receive license approval and cannot operate a body art facility without first  conducting a plan review through your Local Health Department and successfully completing a pre-opening inspection.

Plan review and License Approval

Once application has been submitted to MDHHS, MDHHS will notify your local Health Department of the proposed new facility.  State law requires your local Health Department conduct a plan review of your proposed construction and operation.  The plans must be approved by the local Health Department before MDHHS will issue a license for the proposed facility. 

Plan Review Application

Plan Review Checklist

When your plans have been approved, a pre-opening inspection will be conducted by your local Health Department to determine the facility is equipped to operate in accordance with law.  Upon successful completion of the pre-opening inspection, your local Health Department will make recommendation to MDHHS to issue your license.  Your license will then be issued directly from MDHHS.


To maintain your license, you will need to be inspected by your local Health Department annually.  You must contact (906)475-4195 to schedule an inspection at least once a year.

License Renewal

State law requires that you renew your license annually.  Application must be submitted to MDHHS through their website at the above link each year between Oct 31 and Dec 1.  Failure to apply for license renewal will result in lapse of licensing and associated late fees once renewed. 

Inspections and Plan Review activities performed by the local Health Department are subject to local fees.

If you have further questions regarding Body Art regulation and oversight, please contact (906)475-4195.