Wells serving geothermal heating systems are required to be permitted in accordance with the Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998.  Vertical closed loop and open loop wells used for geothermal purposes are permitted as industrial use wells.

Horizontal Closed Loop

The only geothermal systems that are exempt from review by the Marquette County Health Department are horizontal closed loop systems.

Vertical Closed Loop

Permit reviews will be conducted in accordance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Document titled "Best Practices for Geothermal Vertical Closed Loop Installations" found HERE for vertical closed loop systems.

Open Loop

Wells serving open loop systems are classified as private drinking water or industrial use wells depending on the specific configuration.  These wells are permitted as private water supply wells or industrial use wells in accordance with the requirements of the Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 and the Michigan Water Well and Pump Installation Code, Part 127 of Michigan's Public health Code, Act 368, 1978.


Click this link for the Permit Application.


Once the system is constructed, the driller must submit a construction report on the form found HERE.