Industrial and irrigation wells include wells that are installed and operated to exclusively provide water for industrial and/or irrigation purposes.  To be classified as an industrial or irrigation well, the distribution system serving the well cannot be connected to any plumbing fixtures requiring potable water connection under Michigan Plumbing Code.  Outlets and fixtures connected to an industrial or irrigation well must also be posted as non-potable and not for human consumption.



Permitting for the installation of an industrial or irrigation well is conducted under authority of the Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 and Michigan Well Construction and Pump installation Code, being Part 127 of Michigan's Public Health Code, Act 368, 1978.  The permitting process requires the Health Department to perform an on site evaluation of the proposed well location prior to permit issuance.


The permit application for an industrial or irrigation well can be found HERE.


Large Quantity Withdrawal


If your proposed well has the capability to withdraw 70 gallon per minute of water from the aquifer, you must submit to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) for an assessment of the potential impact to the aquifer.   Information regarding the large quantity withdrawal review process can be found at this LINK.