Licensing Requirements


The Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 requires that all contractors installing residential septic systems within the county be licensed by the Marquette County Health Department (MCHD).


How to Become Licensed

New Applicants

To become a licensed septic system installer in Marquette County you must contact the Environmental Health Division at (906) 475-4195 to schedule an appointment to sit for a presentation regarding septic system installation and the major elements of the Marquette Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 and the associated Technical Manual.  The applicant must then pass an exam demonstrating adequate knowledge of the code. After successful completion of the exam and payment of the $75 licensing fee the license will be granted.


Applicants Currently Licensed In Other Counties Using the Superior Environmental Health Code

Contractors who are currently licensed and in good standing with another jurisdiction using the Superior Environmental Health Code can receive licensing within Marquette County without sitting for the presentation and exam.  Upon application, MCHD will verify licensing and good standing with the contractor's home county.  Once verified, the applicant must pay the $75 licensing fee and will be granted a contractor's license for Marquette County.


License Renewal

Septic installer's licenses are good for 3 years and expire on December 31 of the 3rd year.  When a contractor's license expires the department will review the contractor file to verify continued good standing with the department.  Once verified, the contractor will be sent a renewal notice requesting submission the renewal application and associated fee.  Upon receipt of the application and fee the license will be reissued.