If you're considering purchase of an undeveloped parcel, it is important to be aware of site limitations that may effect your building and development plans.


Performing a site evaluation through the Environmental Health Division will provide you with valuable information regarding soil suitability for the installation of a septic system, depth to seasonal high water table and other information that may effect your plans.


Soil conditions will determine the size and elevation of your future drainfield and can determine where an how you place structures on the parcel.   The location of seasonal high water can also determine limitations to building construction.


Arguably, the most important consideration when building can be the availability of suitable drinking water in sufficient supply to run a household or business.  Environmental Sanitarians may have knowledge of water supply issues in the area of the proposed building site.  Don't make the mistake of developing a parcel only to find out that you can't get water.


You can find the fees and application for a site evaluation on the main Environmental Health Division Section of this website.  Fees for site evaluations can be applied to a future permit should you decide to move forward with your project, but are not transferable person to person.


If the parcel you intend to purchase is less than 1 acre in size and was not a parcel of record prior to 1997, the parcel must be evaluated as a land division under the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Subdivision Rules.