Approved Supply

All residential structures, whether used seasonally or as year round, require an approved water supply prior to construction.  An approved water supply for a residential structure is comprised of a well that has been drilled by a State of Michigan Registered Well Driller under permit from your local Health Department.  The minimum depth allowable in  Michigan for a drinking water well is 25 feet.  All wells must terminate a minimum of 12 inches above grade and cannot be located in a below grade pit.



Private water wells are regulated under authority of Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 and the Michigan Well Construction and Pump installation Code, being Part 127 of Michigan's Public Health Code, Act 368, 1978.   All water supply wells serving private residences in Marquette County must be permitted by the Marquette County Health Department (MCHD) prior to construction.  State program requirements obligate MCHD to conduct an on-site review of all proposed well locations prior to permit issuance.  All residential structures seeking a permit for a well must also be served by a water carried sewage system to dispose of water waste generated from the structure.  If the structure is served by an existing septic system, that system will be evaluated regarding functional status prior to well permit approval.  If the structure is not served by a septic system, the owner must apply for a septic system permit in conjunction with the well permit. 


The permit application can be found HERE.


Driven Point Wells


It is currently legal in Michigan for a homeowner to drive a point well on his/her own property; however, a permit is required from the Health Department prior to proceeding.  Point wells must also meet the same minimum construction requirements as drilled wells.  Some of these requirements include: a minimum grouted casing depth of 25 feet, wellhead termination 12 inches or greater above grade and not in a below grade pit, and a properly constructed cap including a casing vent and a sanitary seal.  The pump must also be equipped with a drop pipe installed through the cap and cannot place suction directly on the well casing. 


Detailed instructions regarding construction of drive point wells are outlined in the Marquette County Health Department guidance document titled "The Homeowner's Guide to Driven Point Well Construction" available at this LINK.


Hand Pump Wells


Permits for hand pump wells to serve  rustic cabin structures not equipped with internal plumbing can be granted under special circumstances.  These structures and parcels must meet the State defined Remote Cabin Exemptions and must not have available power or internal plumbing.  Available power includes power along the road frontage of the parcel, installation of, or intent to install, solar or wind power generating equipment, or the use of a portable generator. 


To receive permitting approval to install a hand pump well, you must submit proof from the Marquette County Building Codes Department that your planned structure meets Remote Cabin Exemptions.  MCHD will then verify these conditions during a site inspection.  Projects that have applied for electrical permits and/or plumbing permits will not be approved for a hand pump well and will require a standard well permit and septic system permit.  For information regarding State requirements for remote cabin exemptions click HERE.