Whether you own a year round residence or a rustic camp, State a local Environmental Health regulations require that your waste water be disposed of in an approved manner that protects Public Health and the ground water and surface waters of the State.  Building permits will not be issued by the Marquette County Building Codes Department until the parcel owner has obtained permits and/or approvals for an on-site wastewater treatment system and potable water supply issued by the Marquette County Environmental Health Division.  Residential on-site wastewater treatment systems including septic systems, outhouses and gray water systems are regulated under authority of the Marquette County Superior Environmental Health Code of 1998 and the associated Technical Manual. Septic system permits are issued in conjunction with water supply permits unless an existing approved water supply is in current use on the parcel.  PERMIT APPLICATION


Septic System Permits

Septic system permits are required for any residential or habitable structure that is equipped with pressurized plumbing.  To apply for a septic permit you must complete the permit application (link at the bottom of this page) and submit the completed application and associated fee to the Environmental Health Division at 184 US 41 East, Negaunee, MI, 49866.

Once your application has been submitted you must schedule a site evaluation with an Environmental Sanitarian (ES).  During the site evaluation you must provide two backhoe cut test holes 7.5 feet in depth, one in the area of the proposed drainfield and one in the area reserved for a future replacement drainfield, so that a soil evaluation can be conducted by the ES.  During the site evaluation you must also provide detailed information to the ES regarding the location of property lines, wells on the parcel and on neighboring parcels, and buried utilities.


Upon successful completion of the site evaluation the ES will issue a permit detailing the requirements for design and installation of your septic system.  Once the septic system is installed you must schedule to have an ES perform a final construction inspection prior to backfilling the drainfield and septic tank.  Upon final approval, the ES will provide you with a site sketch indicating the exact location of your septic system and drainfield along with a form of approval.


Outhouses (Privies)

Outhouses can be permitted in Marquette County under certain conditions.  It is important that you consult with your zoning authority prior to applying for an outhouse permit, as outhouses are restricted by some municipal zoning authorities within Marquette County.

Outhouse permits are only issued for structures/parcels that are not served by pressurized plumbing and meeting the Remote Cabin Exemption as outlined by the State Building Code Authority.  For information regarding the Remote Cabin Exemption click this LINK.

Site evaluation requirements for the permitting of outhouses are identical to those outlined in the "Septic System Permits" section above.

Gray Water Treatment Systems

Gray water systems are basically drainfields that are not equipped with a septic tank.  Gray water system permits will only be issued to structures and parcels not served by pressurized plumbing and meeting the State Remote Cabin Exemption where permission to use carried water only or a hand pump well exemption has been granted.  See the above link for more information regarding Remote Cabin Exemptions.  Gray water permits are typically issued for sauna drains in saunas having no water supply connections and served only by carried water and remote cabins having sinks that are served only by carried water.

Site evaluation requirements for the permitting of outhouses are identical to those outlined in the "Septic System Permits" section above.

PERMIT APPLICATION                            

If you have further questions regarding on-site waste water please call (906) 475-4195