The Marquette County Health Department oversees licensing and inspection of all vehicles used to pump septage waste and/or haul septage waste that operate under businesses housed within Marquette County.  Marquette County also oversees licensing and inspection of facilities that receive an store septage waste from licensed pumping and hauling vehicles and land application sites that receive septic waste from these vehicles to be incorporated into soil.  Marquette County operates this program under contract with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and under authority of the Septage Waste and Servicers Rules of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, being Part 117, of Act 451, PA of 1994.


All associated information needed for this program can be found at the MDEQ Septage Program website at this LINK.


Septage Pumping and Hauling Trucks

If you wish to license a vehicle to haul septage or to pump and haul septage, you must make application at the MDEQ website linked above.  When you application has been completed, the MDEQ will notify your local Health Department of the need for inspection.  You must then schedule an inspection  of the unlicensed vehicle with the Health Department.  Upon successful completion of the inspection, the Health Department will notify MDEQ.  Your license will be issued directly from MDEQ and must be prominently displayed on your vehicle. 


Licensed septage pumping and hauling vehicles are inspected annually thereafter by your local Health Department


Land Application Sites

All septage that is pumped within 25 miles of a licensed receiving facility must be deposited in that receiving facility and cannot be land applied.  However, septage waste that is pumped from a location that is greater than 25 miles from a licensed receiving facility, and wastes that are refused by a licensed facility, can be land applied under strict adherence to specific rules under Part 117, of Act 451, PA of 1994. 


If you wish to apply for approval to land apply septage waste on a parcel, you must first make application to the MDEQ.  Application materials can be found on the MDEQ website available at the link above.  Once the MDEQ has received your application and forwarded it to your local health department, you must schedule a site evaluation of the proposed land application area with this department.  As part of the site evaluation an Environmental Sanitarian will perform soil evaluations to determine adequate protection to ground water and a site evaluation to ensure protection of surface waters and neighboring properties.  As part of the application process you will also be required to provide soil sample data from a certified laboratory indicating nutrient levels within the soil  intended for application.  You will then be required to submit and cropping plan for re-vegetation and plant uptake of nutrients and an application rate for the proposed land application sites.


Land application sites are inspected annually by your local Health Department upon license renewal with MDEQ. 


Septage Waste Receiving Facilities

Septage Waste Receiving Facilities are licensed municipal wastewater treatment plants that have agreed to authorize specific septic waste pumpers and haulers to dispose of their hauled waste at that wastewater treatment facility.  Wastewater Disposal Authorization forms can be found at the MDEQ Septage Program link above.  Wastewater Treatment plants that have agreed to participate as Septage Waste Receiving Facilities are inspected annually by the local Health Department.