Water Sampling

Well owners and operators can test there water supplies for a variety of parameters and potential contaminants at any time. State laws require that a drinking water well be tested for coliform bacteria at minimum prior to being brought into service.  New water supply wells drilled under permit cannot be approved by the Health Department without a safe coliform bacteria water sample result.  Water samples must be submitted to an approved drinking water lab in approved bottles specifically designed for sampling the parameter or contaminant in question.  Detailed sampling instructions are included with water sampling bottles.

Where Is The Water Tested?

The Marquette County Health Department does not receive and test water samples.  Water samples must be taken or sent to a State of Michigan certified drinking water lab. 

Local Lab Options include: 

The Ishpeming Area Waste Water Treatment Facility (906) 486-4391, testing for Coliform Bacteria and Nitrate, Nitrite and partial chemistry (i.e. Iron, Hardness, Sulfates etc)

The Marquette Drinking Water Filtration Plant (906)228-0488, testing for Coliform Bacteria.

Comprehensive Testing

The local option for testing multiple parameters in drinking water is White Water Associates.  White Water Associates can run samples for coliform, nitrate and a wide variety of additional water quality parameters.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Drinking Water Laboratory in Lansing  can test for a wide variety of parameters and chemicals.  For a list of tests provided at the MDEQ lab click this LINK.  The lab can be contacted at (517) 335-8184 for testing and shipping information.

Where Can You Get Water Sample Bottles?

Water sample bottles are available at the Environmental Health Division office at 184 U.S. 41, Negaunee, MI.  Most Township Halls stock coliform bacteria sampling bottles and bottles used to sample for nitrate and nitrite.  Bottles can be obtained directly from labs listed above for the respective parameters tested.

Bottles for all parameters tested at the MDEQ laboratory in Lansing  can be requested directly form the laboratory and will be shipped to you in the mail.

If you have additional questions regarding water sampling, please contact (906) 475-4195.