To control the spread of illness, it is generally not recommend to attend public events and community gatherings during times when communicable disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19, are occurring.  The concept of keeping citizens separate during potential disease outbreaks is termed "social distancing."
When "social distancing" cannot be maintained the following prevention strategies should be employed to avoid the spread of COVID-19:
      • Do not attend an event if you are ill, have recently been ill, or have been exposed to someone ill or who has recently been ill.
      • Hand washing should be encouraged and facilitated by use of signs and an abundant supply of hand washing stations.
      • Avoid close physical proximity with other attendees.
      • Avoid shaking hands, hugging.
      • Ensure that surfaces and facilities are frequently cleaned and disinfected.
The following links provide recommendations and resources regarding COVID-19 prevention during events and gatherings:

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