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 The Michigan Department of Transportation and the eight municipalities along the portion of US-41/M-28 included in this study have worked closely together for the past eight years. The US-41/M-28 Corridor Advisory Group meets monthly to discuss local development and planning issues, highway geometrics and traffic safety issues along the US-41/M-28 Corridor through the greater Marquette Area. Other partners include Marquette County Planning, the Marquette County Road Commission, Marquette County Sheriff's Department, Marquette County Transit Authority, Michigan State Police, and the trucking industry, among others.

Since finalizing of the Plan in 2004, the corridor team has implemented a number of access management improvements that were identified in the existing plan. The corridor team felt an update was in order that would provide for a fresh perspective of the US41/M28 access management corridor. The update not only examines the work of the corridor advisory group, but also identifies new issues and opportunities.

 The Marquette County Planning Commission is considering adopting the proposed plan as a subplan of the Marquette County Comprehensive Plan.

Chapter 1- Introduction

Chapter 2- Goals & Objectives

Chapter 3- Road Description, Problem & Opportunity Analysis Part I   Part II      

Chapter 4- Proposed Improvements & Rationale   Maps 4-1 through 4-9 

Chapter 5- Coordinated Planning & Zoning Standards  Maps 5-1 through 5-4

Chapter 6- Implementation

Chapter 7- Accomplishments