In 2013 the Marquette County Brownfield Authority in partnership with the Marquette County Planning Department began the process of creating a brownfield inventory.  There is no set standard for conducting such a task, but the process started by looking at Part 201 General Sites of Contamination and Part 213 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Part 213 Leaking Underground Storage Tank data available from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).process 
Next, planners teamed up with those who know their community best and asked for potential sites to be nominated.  It is important that communities become engaged in this process.  Redevelopment of brownfield sites requires support from the community and a vision of an improved future land use.

As sites were identified, Planning staff developed and assembled a database of pertinent information potential developers will want to know simplifying the development process.  This database will eventually also tie into the County’s GIS (computerized mapping) system.

As the project progressed, a method of prioritizing the identified brownfield sites was also created.  The sites will then be prioritized so the Marquette County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority can focus on securing funding for remediation and redevelopment of priority sites.

A partial listing of sites that were identified through this process can be viewed here:  Brownfield Site Inventory .  The Authority continues to work on the inventory process and will add sites as they are identified.