As Used in these rules:

♦ “Camp” means any of the following: (I) the erection of a tent, (II) the opening or setting up of a tent-type camper, (III) the parking and occupancy of a travel or house trailer, (IV) sleeping in any type motor vehicle, sleeping bag, or sleeping in any other manner between the hours of 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.


♦ Do Not camp in any location in the County Forest for more than 15 consecutive nights in a calendar year. To be considered a new camp, the location shall be not less than ½ mile from the previous camp.

♦ Do Not leave a campsite unoccupied for more than a 24-hour period after the camp is established. A campsite is considered to be occupied if at least 1 member of the camping party is in attendance during the nighttime hours.

♦ Do Not place or burn garbage in a fire ring or stove, or bury refuse, rubbish, trash, or garbage, regardless of origin.

♦ Do Not build a campfire when the DNR posted fire level is High or Extreme.

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