The Marquette County Planning Commission has prepared a Local Food Supply Plan, a chapter of the Marquette County Comprehensive Plan, in recognition of a growing community interest in the topic.  A strong local food system offers multiple benefits to the Marquette County community including, but not limited to, an improved local economy, health, access to fresh food, and food security.  A necessary step in strengthening our local food system is to evaluate policies and regulations to ensure that they are “local food friendly”. The Marquette County Planning Commission will reference the Local Food Supply Plan to advise decision makers regarding local food systems.

The Local Food Supply plan is intended to be an educational tool and a mechanism to increase awareness as to how a strong local food system benefits our community.

Marquette County Local Food Supply Plan, 9.4.13


A vibrant local food system in which agriculture is a valued and viable occupation that enhances the local economy, improves the health of residents, and increases food security.

GOALS  The economy in Marquette County improves through the increase in local production, processing, and consumption of food

The health of Marquette County residents improves through the increased access to, affordability and consumption of local foods

The County has reduced its dependency on imported foods which are vulnerable to transportation costs

Marquette County is an example to its citizens, and to other units of government, of how to use land to increase food supply

History of Agriculture-
Marquette County
 What is a Food System
 Vulnerabilities, Limitations, and Challenges  Cost of Doing Nothing
 Improving the Food System Current Efforts
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