Marquette County Blueprint Logo (half size)
The Blueprint for Safety project is an interagency effort to enhance our community-criminal justice response to domestic violence crimes with victim safety and advocacy central to response.

Blueprint Foundational Principles

*Adhere to an interagency approach to domestic violence
*Adjust the response based on the context and severity of the violence
*Recognize that domestic violence is a patterned crime requiring
continuing engagement with victims and perpetrators

*Ensure swift and sure consequences for continued abuse
*Send messages of help to victims and accountability to perpetrators
*Reduce: unintended consequences of intervention and disparity of impact


Collaborating Agencies  Outcome Highlights 
The Women's Center/local victim services
Marquette County-
Central Dispatch

Prosecutor's Office
96th District Court Probation
96th District Court Pretrial Services
All eight Law Enforcement Agencies

Development of a system-wide domestic violence response policy
Increased advocacy connecting for domestic violence victims
Increased attention to risk factors at all points in the system
Improved response to Personal Protection Order violations
Increased engagement in domestic violence cases
Added attention to individualized outcomes

Questions regarding the Blueprint for Safety program can be directed to
the Marquette County Prosecutor's office at 225-8317