Step One -  Complete the Personal Protection Order Information Sheet and Petition for Personal Protection Order.

You must write a statement explaining why you need a Personal Protection Order. Use the second page of the Petition to do this. You must include all important information in your statement, but be as brief and descriptive as possible. Your statement might include the following:

  1. A description of the most recent assault and/or threat. Include when and where it happened, what the respondent did and/or said; any injuries you suffered, if weapons were involved, whether your children or others were harmed, if property was damaged, or the police were called.
  2. Include, the type and length of the relationship (if domestic related); how long assault/threats have been happening, how frequently they occur, past convictions or arrests, or other violent behavior or threats by the respondent.
  3. A description of any other behavior the respondent engages in that threatens you, such as the following; constant phone calls, interfering with you at work, school or other places; refusing to leave or stay away from your home, etc.
  4. Whether drug or alcohol use contributes or is related to respondent’s behavior.
  5. Other steps you have taken for protection, such as going to a shelter, filing charges, etc.
  6. Whether there are police reports, medical records, custody orders (if domestic related), etc.

Step Two – File the Paperwork

File the Petition at the County Clerk’s Office along with the contact information sheet. The Clerk will bring your Petition to the Judge for review*. The Judge has three options:

1. Grant the Personal Protection Order without a hearing (ex parte). If this happens, return to the County Clerk’s Office. You will be provided with copies of the paperwork and directed to the Sheriff’s Department so that the Respondent can be served. There is a service fee payable at the Sheriff’s Department.


2. Deny the ex parte Personal Protection Order with the right to have a hearing. You will be sent an order of denial notice advising you of your right to request a hearing if you would like your petition to be considered further. A Notice of Hearing form may be obtained at the County Clerk’s Office. Contact the Judge’s Office directly to obtain a hearing date, complete the Notice of Hearing form, and serve the Respondent with a copy of the Petition and Notice of Hearing. Service can be done through the Sheriff’s Department. There is a service fee.


3. Deny the request for a Personal Protection Order. You will be sent an order of denial notice. You may re-file; however, you’ll need to provide additional information regarding the necessity of a Personal Protection Order.

If your PPO is granted exparte the Court Clerk will contact you by phone at the number you supply on your contact information page you completed when filing your petition. If your PPO request is denied, an order of denial will be mailed to you at the address you list on this same contact information page.

*Please note: Ex-parte petitions are to be reviewed by a judge within 24 hours, occasionally a judge is unable to review and decide the request within 24 hours because of other pending emergency petitions and hearings. If your ex-parte petition is not decided within 24 hours call the court at (906) 225-8205, or (906) 225-8330 and court staff will assist you by providing an estimate of when the judge may have the petition decided.