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Matthew J. Wiese, Chief Prosecuting Attorney, received his BS from Northern Michigan University in 1984, and his JD from Vermont Law School in 1987. He previously served as the Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and has over 20 years of prosecution experience. Throughout his career in prosecution, he has specialized in prosecuting domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other crimes of personal violence. He assisted in developing and promoting a county-wide law enforcement domestic violence policy which has been in effect in Marquette County since 1994.  Mr. Wiese is active in the Marquette Community volunteering his time and was recognized by the NMU Alumni Association in 2005 with the Civic Leadership Award.  He currently teaches at NMU as an adjunct professor with the criminal justice department and at NMU’s Regional Police Academy.  He also conducts legal update seminars for law enforcement annually throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

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