Frequently Asked Questions

How much tax do I pay per gallon of gasoline? Much of the funding for the Road Commission is received through gas taxes. There is a total of 37.3 cents of transportation taxes per gallon on gasoline sold within Michigan. This amount consists of 19 cents for state tax and 18.3 cents for federal tax. The sale of gasoline is also subject to the 6% sales tax in Michigan, however, this amount is not used for transportation improvements. And, contrary to popular belief, the Road Commission does not receive funds from the property taxes that you pay.

The Road Commisison's main source of revenue is the Michigan Transportation Fund, along with various state and federal grants and contributions from Townships within Marquette County.

Why are weight restrictions placed on county roads each spring? When the roads thaw from the top down each spring, moisture is trapped on the surface and heavy loads would damage the gravel and bituminous surfaces. Historically the weight restrictions are placed on all county roads in March and are released in mid-May.

Will you replace my mailbox if it is hit by the plow? According to the Marquette County Road Commission's Mailbox Policy, replacement of your mailbox and/or post will happen when it has been hit by the plow or plow blade. It is against Marquette County Road Commission policy to replace mailboxes that have been damaged by the impact of thrown snow and roadway materials. Please refer to this policy for proper mailbox placement and flagging.

What can I do to protect the edge of my lawn from the winter plowing operations? Please refer to the Marquette County Road Commission Roadside Marking Policy.

The Marquette County Road Commission maintains 284.47 miles of primary roads and 988.99 miles of local roads.  In addition, we maintain 169.42 miles (444 lane miles) of state trunkline under contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation.  We are also responsible for the maintenance of 93 bridges.
Created by Kenneth Ingalls Sawyer, Marquette County Road Commission Superintendent and Engineer, Marquette County is the birthplace of the first highway center line; a worldwide integral practice in road safety to date. This video link comes from; crediting images from Pasty Central, Library of Congress and the Marquette Historical Museum with production assistance by Keweenaw Video and music by Lee Murdock.