General Civil Process

The Sheriff has a statutory responsibility to serve civil process papers.  To accomplish this task, deputies serve papers throughout Marquette County in between complaint calls.  This office serves thousands of papers annually.  Typically, service is attempted within 12 hours of receipt of paper.  Successful service will depend upon the accuracy of information that we receive from the plaintiff or attorney and the willingness of the individual to accept service.  Any additional information including, place of employment, telephone/cell numbers, will help to expedite service.  Most certainly, all efforts are exhausted before papers are returned unsuccessful.  The plaintiff (or plaintiff's attorney) will be billed upon completion of service.  Fees include a service fee, based on type of paper, and mileage for one round-trip attempt to address listed.  Fees are as follows: 

Summons & Complaint $26.00
Personal Protection Order $26.00
Affidavit and Claim $26.00
Writ of Garnishment $23.00
Order to Seize $40.00
Order of Eviction $40.00
Subpoena $26.00
 Mileage $.87 per mile 
Incorrect Address Fee $10.00 + mileage
Officer Standby (Evictions) $45.64 per hour
(minimum of 1 hour)
Documents emailed or faxed
for service
$.25 per page


Personal Protection Orders

The Sheriff's Office provides service of Personal Protection Orders (PPO) to individuals residing in Marquette County.  The Sheriff's Office asks for prepayment of the service fees for PPOs, in return for that prepayment we will waive the mileage fee.  If you have been granted a suspension of fees, please provide that information along with your PPO.  If the defendant resides outside of Marquette County, you will need to contact the Sheriff's Office of the county in which he/she resides.  The Marquette County Sheriff's Office will not process out-of-county papers.


Foreclosure Sales

All Sheriff foreclosure sales are held on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at the 3rd Street entrance of the Marquette County Courthouse, Marquette, MI  49855.  The Sheriff's Office DOES NOT maintain a list of foreclosed homes.  This list is virtually impossible to keep up with, as it is constantly changing due to cancellations and adjournments.  For information regarding a specific foreclosed home please call the civil process clerk at(906) 225-8463.  If you have general questions regarding the foreclosure process, please call a real estate attorney.


Civil Process Contact Numbers:

Civil Process Clerk:  (906) 225-8463

Fax:  (906) 225-8485