How do I get a Personal Protection Order? File the paperwork with County Clerk, when approved, bring to Sheriff’s Office for service
Where do I pay for a parking ticket? Marquette CITY Treasurer
Where do I pay for traffic tickets? 96th District Court - your ticket will indicate Marquette or Ishpeming
I locked my keys in my car, can you help me? The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office will only provide this service if the engine is running or an infant/incapacitated person is in the vehicle. Marquette City Police still provides a lock-out service, if you are outside the city limits, they must call a locksmith or a wrecker service.
Can I get a list of homes that are being foreclosed? We are unable to maintain a list, as it is constantly changing due to adjournments and cancellations.
I need my fingerprints taken for employment purposes.  Can I get this done at the Sheriff's Office? Fingerprinting for non-criminal purposes can be completed at the Marquette City Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office Livescan is located in the jail and is not available to general public.
I have a civil paper that I need served on someone who lives outside of Marquette County. Can you take care of it? NO, any out of county civil process, including personal protection orders, must be handled by the county in which the person being served resides.
I am interested in Property Tax Foreclosures--Marquette County Treasurer handles these. The Sheriff’s Office handles mortgage foreclosures.
I’d like to sign up for Boater Safety, Hunter Safety, ORV or Snowmobile Safety Courses.  Community Schools in Negaunee (475-4173) handles registration for these courses.
Who should I call when I need Police, Fire or an Ambulance?  You should always dial 911 for emergency or non-emergency  situations.  Police officers throughout Marquette County are dispatched to incidents by Marquette County Central Dispatch.
I'm taking a trip out of Marquette County and would like to know the road conditions to reach my destination.  Who should I call?  The Sheriff's Office is not able to provide updates on the ever-changing road conditions or weather.  This information can be found on the Michigan State Police web site at
I'm a student at Northern Michigan University, but my legal residence is Ingham County.  I would like to purchase a pistol in Marquette County.  Can I get a purchase permit at the Marquette County Sheriff's Office?  YES, you can get a permit to purchase from any County in the State of Michigan.  You will need a valid Michigan driver's license or Michigan ID card.