The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office was established in 1869 when Charles Crowley was elected Sheriff. In the 150 years since, the citizens of Marquette County have elected 25 different men to the post of Sheriff.


old courthouse and jail from 1890 Superior View at

Today, 70 officers are working in five divisions to protect and serve Marquette County. The current jail was built in 1975 and was seen as a model for other facilities throughout the state.

The Law Enforcement Services Division has grown and changed to meet the needs of Marquette County over the years. These 26 deputies work to patrol our roads and answer complaints, along with fulfilling many other responsibilities. The Special Operations Unit oversees the all volunteer Search and Rescue Unit, Marine, ORV and Snowmobile Patrol.  The Detective Division focuses on felonies and other serious offenses. They also handle all writs of execution, which are financial investigations, and all check complaints. 

Currently, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office serves about 65,400 residents and is responsible for patrolling the 1,873 square miles that make up Marquette County, as well as covering the county’s 1,573 miles of streets and roads.

As we begin the 21st century, the men and women of your Marquette County Sheriff’s Office stand ready to continue their dedication to keep Marquette County a safe place to live and work.