• Inmates are required to reimburse the County of Marquette for their housing and medical expenses incurred during their incarceration pursuant to Public Act 118 of 1984.
  • Inmates will be charged a housing rate of $60.00 per day.  Room and Board will not be billed until he/she is no longer incarcerated in the Marquette County Jail.  Housing and Medical expenses are not part of fines and costs imposed by the Court.
  • Medical and mental health service costs incurred during incarceration will be billed immediately regardless of the inmate's legal status.
  • Payment plans are available by contacting the Housing/Medical Reimbursement Specialist.
  • Refusal to pay or acknowledge the housing/medical expenses are subject to civil action or it will be turned over to a collection agency.
  • Housing and Medical Reimbursement questions can be directed to (906)225-8477 or jailhousing@mqtco.org You can also pay by credit card by completing the credit card payment authorization form below.
Credit Card Payment Authorization Form