In-House Adult Ed/GED - Inmates are able to enroll in the Marquette Community Schools Adult Education and General Equivalence Diploma (GED) programs. These two programs have been combined into one. A certified teacher from the Marquette Area Schools comes to the jail twice per week for 2-hour sessions. Inmates can acquire GED certification and/or high school credit.

Inmate Worker - Enables inmates to perform assigned tasks within the confines of the jail. The jail staff screens all offenders prior to enrollment. Inmate workers are given responsibilities that do not impair or disrupt the orderly running of the jail; working in the kitchen or laundry are two such examples. Inmates are able to benefit from the work experience and develop a more positive attitude about themselves.

Religious Services - Christian church services are available to inmates every Monday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., with one-on-one counseling available on Thursdays. Other clergy visits of approved religions permitted by the Department of Corrections are allowed with prior notice to the corrections staff.

Thinking Matters - A cognitive program designed for recidivists and/or high risk inmates in an attempt to improve decision-making skills.  This group is available to inmates every Tuesday at both facilities.

Alcoholics Anonymous - Typically, run weekly by approved volunteers, at the main facility and detention center. 

Inmates who are housed at the Marquette County Community Corrections Detention Center will also have the opportunity to participate in various other programming including, but not limited to, Principles of Recovery, Life Skills, Anger Management, Effects of Substance Abuse on the Family and Narcotics Anonymous.