To be approved for any type of day parole, inmates must have an order from the presiding judge.

Sheriff's Release Program/Work Release

Work release enables inmates to maintain employment within the community during incarceration, with the expectation that employment will continue upon completion of sentence. Offenders are released on a pass program to go to and from work according to a schedule provided by the employer and approved by the jail. Cost to the offender is $25 per day while on the program.

Sheriff's Release Program/School Release

School release enables inmates to maintain enrollment in an accredited school for the purpose of fulfilling meaningful educational goals. The program also allows for eligible clients to be released for employment training through employers or service programs in the community. Verification of enrollment and schooling approval are required prior to release on pass.

Sheriff's Release Program/Treatment Release

Treatment release enables inmates to attend various substance abuse treatment programs within the community during incarceration with the intention of continuing treatment and abstinence after release from jail.

All day parole questions should be directed to Sergeant Jason Kangas, Marquette County Community Corrections Detention Center, 249-1041 ext. 202.