Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

Emergency Grant Procedure Brief

Temporary assistance granted by the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF) for emergencies or hardships is available to eligible wartime veterans, and their families, residing in the state. Under the authority of Public Act 9 of 1946 (as amended), the MVTF cannot provide assistance for long-term problems or chronic financial difficulties. Those eligible for the MVTF temporary grant program must apply through the MVTF county committee serving their county of residence. All applications are investigated, deliberated, and decided in confidence. Any applicant may request a personal hearing before the county committee at the meeting when his/her application is considered. If the county committee denies an application every applicant has the right to appeal that decision to the MVTF Board of Trustees (with the opportunity to appear before the board to present information and answer questions.) The MVTF does not provide loans under the temporary assistance program.

General Definition of Need:

When an eligible applicant is unable to temporarily provide the basic necessities of life in our society without causing a hardship, a situation for a possible MVTF grant exists. The assistance must be essential and not for the relief of an inconvenience, or the purchase of a want/desire. The key factor in determining whether or not a grant is justified is the ability of the applicant to manage the obligation for which aid is requested after a grant is made. If there is no reasonable expectation that the MVTF grant would enable the applicant to resume his/her responsibility, then aid is not appropriate or wise. Since the MVTF only has the yearly earnings of the trust to provide grants and administer its operations, care must be taken to insure that the resources are expended wisely and where they will help the most. If by experience with the MVTF or through other means, an applicant's financial situation creates repetitive "emergencies" or appears chronic in nature, the county committee and/or the board must refer that person to other resources designed to address those lingering needs. In addition, the applicant should have attempted to resolve the emergency or hardship through every reasonable means available prior to asking the MVTF for assistance. (Often the willingness to take responsibility for one's difficulties is demonstrated by the ability to pay a portion of the debt). In other words, the applicant should have tried to resolve the problem, but is apparently unable to do so without MVTF aid.