What is Family Planning?  Family Planning helps women and men delay, space and choose the timing of their children.

Family Planning ...

  • Promotes the well being of families by giving couples the opportunity to time pregnancies when they are best able to care for them.
  • Promotes healthy babies by reducing infant deaths and other health related problems.
  • Maintains women's health by detecting health problems through routine screening and examination.
  • Is a cost effective government investment in the future of Michigan's families.

Michigan's Family Planning programs offer comprehensive reproductive health care.

  • General Health Assessment:   Health histories and examinations are performed for clients.
  • Screening: Screening for cervical and breast cancer, high blood pressure, anemia, and selected infections are performed routinely for clients.
  • Contraception:  A full range of contraceptive methods are available, including oral and injectable contraceptives, barrier methods, natural family planning, referral services for IUD and surgical sterilization and education on abstinence. 
  • Pregnancy Detection:   Pregnancy testing is provided with appropriate referral based on the desired pregnancy outcome of the client.
  • Client and Community Education:  Education and information is shared with both the client and community on preventative health behaviors, reproductive health, health maintenance issues and availability of services.
  • Follow-up and Referrals for Problems:  Follow-up is made for all clients identified with social, financial and medical problems. 

Voluntary family planning is an important health measure.  The legal, political and logistical availability of contraceptive services has an influence on the health of the individual, their relationship, the family and the community.  It is our intention to provide cost effective, confidential and accessible services that will assist the individual to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

Charges for services are based on a client's ability to pay according to a sliding fee scale.

All client information is confidential and follows the HIPAA guidelines.

For additional information on this program, please contact:

Marquette County Health Department
184 US 41 East
Negaunee, Michigan  49866
(906) 475-7844 (phone)
(906) 475-4435 (fax)